An Overview Of “Second Skin” XPL Polymer Layer Material

As people get older, their skin will start to lose its ability to resist the development of creases, leading to the signs of old age. This is due to a diminishing of elastin and collagen within the upper layers of the skin, allowing wrinkles to form very easily. When we are younger, and our metabolism is heightened by extremely rapid cellular development, we are constantly able to avoid any signs of wrinkles. You will notice these signs on your face, especially under the eyes, but there is a way to protect your skin, even tighten it up, so that the wrinkles can reduce in prominence. There is a new product that has been developed, a proverbial second skin, made of a polymer material. This article will address what is called the Second Skin XPL polymer layer which can be applied to virtually every area of your body in an attempt to reduce signs of aging.

Why People Will Want to Use This Product

The primary reason that this product will have such a huge marketplace is that people are continually getting older. Exposure to the sun, and the diminishing amounts of collagen production in the skin, leads to what can sometimes be premature aging. The older that you get, the less likely it is that your skin will be able to resist injury, radiation, toxins, temperature variations, and microorganisms that can cause significant damage. The goal of many researchers was to not only create a product that could protect the skin, but actually restore your skin to how it once looked. The end result of this research has been the creation of this second skin XPL polymer layer. That’s look at what it does, and how millions of people worldwide can benefit from this polymer-based technology.

What This Product Actually Does

Before After ComparisonSome of the benefits associated with this second skin polymer material is that it can directly affect the appearance of your skin by smoothing out wrinkles, and also can help with the delivery of certain drugs that are used to treat skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema. This is a silicone-based polymer, a virtually imperceptible coating that will literally mimic the elastic and mechanical properties of youthful skin. Many studies have been done on people that have bags under their eyes, allowing them to reshape their appearance. This polymer also is beneficial for maintaining proper hydration, and could also be adopted to provide ultraviolet protection from those that are in the sun as a result of the work that they do. It is an invisible layer, a barrier that can provide not only UV protection, but can provide cosmetic improvements that could not have been done without some type of surgery.

How This Second Skin Polymer Was Created

After researching hundreds of different polymers, specifically materials that contained siloxane, this chain of molecules consisting of silicon and oxygen are assembled in such a way that they create a crossed link polymer layer. Also called XPL for short, it is developed through a two-step process. Understanding that creating material that could mimic actual skin would be difficult, they first began with polysiloxane components, followed by a platinum catalyst which is how the cross-linked film is created. It can actually be applied onto the skin and will last up to 24 hours. It is initially applied as an ointment or a cream. Once it is on your skin, it becomes virtually invisible, and studies have shown that it can literally reduce the signs of aging within moments of its application.

It is this combination of reducing the signs of aging, protecting the skin from additional damage, and increasing hydration to the skin which makes this second skin XPL polymer layer so applicable. This tunable polysiloxane-based material has been used in the past to help with wounds and burns, but with this latest polymer, it has created incredible cosmetic advantages. If you are currently looking for a solution to the many wrinkles that you have on your skin, you can reduce the signs of aging very rapidly by using this second skin polymer which has shown incredible promise for those that would like to improve their overall appearance.