How We Chose Our Wireless Door Intercom

Here at we use a wireless door intercom to help us know who we are letting in the building. Where did we get the best intercom for our needs and why would this be something other people would want to use? Those questions and more are about to be answered for you!

We started our search by going through websites and seeing who had what. The problem we were having is that there are people that want to come into our company’s building, but we don’t want to unlock our door for just anyone. With the intercom system, we had a wireless solution so that if someone wanted in they had to talk with us by pressing the button so we could see if they were actually someone we needed to let in. It’s better this way than to have someone stationed at the door all day long waiting to help employees or clients get in.

The website at was a great choice for us because they only talk about and sell these kinds of devices on there. If you do a search right now, you can see that the amount of options is a little overwhelming. That’s why it’s good that we found quite a few options on their page that we knew they vetted first. It’s important that you find a legit seller with a good reputation. That way, you know the intercom you get is up to your standards and will last you quite some time.

Why get a wireless intercom? If you go the other way and get one that’s wired, you have to do a lot of work installing it and hiding the wires in the ceiling or somewhere else. You can also set the wires to run along the wall, but that’s so much extra work we didn’t have the time or tools to do. With a wireless option, it’s much easier to install it right after receiving it. Some come with batteries, and others can be used with a wall outlet so we picked the one that suited what we needed and it has been working great.

There are plenty of cheap options but we went with a more pricey one just because we wanted to make sure it would last. On the website where we made our order, they let us see what kind of frequency it worked with. It’s easy to make sure it won’t interfere with different things like the WiFi in the building. As long as it’s not on all day it doesn’t bother any of our other equipment, and it runs on a different frequency than anything anyways so even when it’s used it works just fine.

The wireless door intercom we use is from and it works flawlessly. You can go there to get one, too, and then you’ll be able to take advantage of it. Shop around and do your research to always get the best possible option.